Controversial Movie Aisha and Muhammad to Release on July 4

Aisha and Muhammad

A controversial film titled Aisha and Muhammad that explores the traumatic life of a girl child who was married to Prophet Muhammad, is scheduled for release on July 4. The trailer for the film, made by Imran Firasat, was released on YouTube mid-June but it was brought down subsequently because Islamic supremacists built massive pressure and the video allegedly violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.

However, many freethinkers from across the world, who oppose the restriction of freedom of speech and expression, have shared links of the trailer so the truth about Prophet Muhammad’s life can be shared with a wider audience.

The following video is is strictly intended ONLY for 18 years old and older audiences.

Atheist David Wood wrote rather appropriately on his website Answering Muslims, “This would be a bit too graphic to post as a video, but as news, it needs to be addressed. A number of European activists have put together an animated film about Muhammad’s relationship with Aisha.”

Firasat has based the film on original Islamic passages from the Quran Hadiths and Sirahs, which are considered sacred texts by religious Muslims. The film that will be released in a number of languages including English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Swedish, takes a close look at Muhammad’s attitude towards women and his treatment of them, which will help viewers understand why Muslim women face the peculiar problems that they do in Islamic societies in different parts of the world.

“While the threat of Islamic violence and terrorism affecting global peace and security grips our mind most, yet women, particularly the Muslim women, are the worst victim of Islam… A look into the Afghan, Saudi, Iran and other Islamic societies give us a clear idea about the deprivations, sufferings and abuses women experience under Islam. Across the Muslim world, women face sexual assault and rape in disparate proportions,” said Firasat while writing about his film.

Earlier this year, Firasat, who is a Pakistani refugee in Spain, was deported from the country for releasing an hour-long movie titled The Innocent Prophet in 2012 on YouTube. The film that inspired Firasat to make his first film was The Innocence of Muslims that triggered riots across Europe and the Middle East, leading to the death of more than 30 people. According to atheist advocates, this film too will lead to protests though they are unsure whether the protests will be violent or peaceful.

“The movie has been produced solely for the educational purpose of enlightening the viewers, particularly Muslims, about the true personality and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Given the movie depicts the prophet’s married life, it shows him in fictitious image and also deals with his sexual behavior, based strictly on Islam’s own original sources. I understand the sensitivities Muslims attach to these issues, but hope that they will deal with their hurt feelings, if caused any, with tolerance and in peaceful manner,” wrote Firasat.

Photo Credits: Real Islam TV

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