Controversial Muslim Professor Denounces “Dirty Jewish Zionist Thugs”

Kaukab Siddique

Kaukab Siddique, controversial Muslim professor of English at Philadelphia’s Lincoln University, has once again attacked the religious sentiments of the Jewish community with racist epithets and statements questioning the authenticity of the Holocaust.

Last month, Daily Beast published an article shedding light on a number of inflammatory comments that have been made by Siddique in the recent past. After social activist Pamela Geller organized an event in Texas, showcasing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, Siddique went on to describe Geller as a ‘dirty Jewish Zionist thug’ before calling upon fellow Muslims to protect their religion if people like Geller continue to have their way. Similarly, while remarking on the Bill Cosby rape scandal, Siddique probed the reasons for the comedian’s victims who took so much time before finally exposing him. On a Facebook post, Siddique had jotted down a list of conceivable explanations, one of which referred to women as sluts and American women in particular as slaves of rich men. Earlier, Siddique also doubted the veracity of some of the horrifying acts that the Islamic State itself has admitted to carrying out, including raping women and murdering Yazidis.

After Daily Beast’s publication of the above article, Anti-Defamation League strongly criticized the professor’s comments, including those that were not directed towards Jews and urged for action to be taken against him.

Siddique is notorious for having raised flags within the Jewish community. While speaking at a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington DC in 2010, he had reportedly described Zionism as a hydra-headed monster and called upon Muslims to defeat, dismantle and destroy Israel. When asked to clarify his statements at the time, Siddique cited his right to academic freedom to say whatever he wishes to.

And recently, the professor, who has often claimed on his Facebook page that the media misrepresents his beliefs, spoke to the press to set the record straight. In an article published by Philadelphia Inquirer, Siddique said he not only doubts the authenticity of the Holocaust but would continue to describe Geller as a dirty Jewish Zionist thug in the future.

“I have read things from both sides, and therefore I think that for any study of the Holocaust, we need to know what the critics say,” Siddique said. “Were there ovens? If you study the pictures of Auschwitz, there are no ovens there. … “She [Geller] did the worst, other than killing us. We can talk about her, that she is Jewish and she is white and she’s a supremacist and she is doing this to us.”

Photo Credits: The Daily Beast

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