Corpse-Worshipping Cult Leader Arrested In Thailand

On May 8th, police in northeastern Thailand arrested 75-year-old Thawee Nanra deep in a jungle in Chaiyaphum province on trespassing charges. As of the article's writing, additional charges are still under development, one of which may include unlawful disposal of bodies.

Authorities discovered at least 11 corpses on the property, some scattered coffins around the house. Nanra had at least another 12 people living with him. Investigators believe that the bodies were his former followers.

Devotees told authorities that the leader’s urine and mucus, among other wastes, were believed to be cures for diseases. The self-proclaimed “ father of all religions” told police that his followers did so voluntarily.

Khun Jenjira, the woman who alerted authorities, claims her 80-year-old mother has been living with the cult and has been barred from returning home.

Provincial Governor, Kraisorn Kongchalad, spoke with AP about the recent arrest. “It’s quite disturbing to see that there are people who believe in such superstition. But this is not only about a personal belief anymore. We have dead bodies, and we will have to work with all agencies to establish facts surrounding these individuals.”

As Nanra was escorted to a police vehicle, his devotees harassed the officers.

It is believed that his cult is based on local traditional religion, juxtaposing the Buddhist beliefs that most Thai people hold.

It was reported that he was denied bail and is being held at the Khon San police station.

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