Disgusting: US Imam Sobs with Jealousy Over Not Being “Martyred” in Gaza

An imam in California broke down into tears during a Friday sermon last month, asking what have they done wrong and why they did not become martyrs for Allah just like those in Gaza, adding that Allah chooses Palestinians and that the Children of Israel have a long history of cowardice, wickedness, and murder.

Imam Mohammad S. Ahmed of Torrance, California, went viral over his Friday sermon on December 22, 2023, at the Islamic Institute of Torrance, California, where he seemingly longed for martyrdom after he cried and asked why Allah had not chosen them as martyrs, unlike those in Gaza. The sermon was posted on the YouTube channel of the Islamic Institute of Torrance.

The imam started by disparaging Israelis, whom he referred to as the Children of Israel in his sermon, saying that what was happening in Palestine was nothing new and that Israelis have a long history of cowardice, occupation, wickedness, and murder, and that Allah is punishing them for it.

"Whatever is happening nowadays in Palestine is not something that is new or just recent. The Children of Israel have a long history of cowardice, a long history of wickedness, a long history of murder and occupation, and all kinds of things that Allah has punished them for.” the imam said.

He then asked what have they done wrong and why Allah did not choose them to be martyrs and be blessed like those in Palestine.

"How come Allah chose those Palestinian Muslims to be closer to him? What have we done wrong to be so far from Allah? What have we done wrong to not be martyrs for the sake of Allah?” the imam said.

What have we done wrong to not be blessed like the people in Palestine have been blessed? What have we done wrong for our mothers to not be like the mothers of the martyrs in Palestine? What have we done wrong for our men not to be among those resisting in Palestine?” Ahmed added.

Ahmed then stated that Palestinians were chosen to draw the “perfect picture” of faith and belief that they were seeing amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. In the middle of the sermon, the imam started crying.

"What have we done wrong for us not to be chosen for that perfect picture that the Palestinians have drawn today? That perfect picture of faith in Allah, that perfect picture's trace, that perfect picture of belief. They were chosen for this picture…” Ahmed said before he broke into tears.

After he wept, Ahmed continued with his speech and argued that Palestinians were chosen by Allah to be the “best people” on Earth right now and that it wasn’t their choice.

"They were chosen for this. This is not our choice, it is the choice of Allah, and He chose them to be the best people living on the face of the earth nowadays. He did not choose us," he said.

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