England: Students Participate in Fake Wedding for Religious Education

Preschool Fake Wedding

In an attempt to teach primary school students religious education, a school in Kidderminster, England, made them participate in a fake wedding ceremony at Holy Innocent Church last month. As the religious education topic for that day happened to be Christian Celebrations, little children at Foley Park Community Primary School were made to experience a Catholic wedding at their local church.

Reportedly, the students’ parents were invited to watch a pretend bride get married to a pretend groom in the midst of a fake wedding. The couple was made to exchange vows and afterwards a reception was organized where all the guests were privy to a massive buffet as well as a cake cutting ceremony.

Elisa Lee, teacher of Class 1 students, said:

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the wedding, allowing them to experience a Christian celebration. This is an annual event we run for our year one pupils at Foley Park.”

When asked if they approve of the bizarre tradition, the students’ parents said they enjoy it thoroughly and are glad that their children are part of it.

Photo Credits: The Shuttle

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