Ex-Gay Pride Event in Washington Fails to Draw Crowd

Ex-Gay Pride Event

Photo credit: Tory Roberts

Despite confident predictions of an army of ex-gays descending upon Washington, fewer than 10 people turned out for the big day, to the dismay of American Family Radio's Sandy Rios. She had earlier predicted that thousands of former gays would congregate in front of the Supreme Court a day after the cancelled Ex-Gay Pride Banquet organized by Christopher Doyle, but this too was doomed not to happen.

Doyle in an interview with the Christian Post had earlier complained that ex-gays were being shut out by LGBT activists. According to Doyle, there are tens of thousands of ex-gays who are refusing to speak up because of shame or the fear of retaliation. Rios has also complained about the media's seeming disregard for ex-gays, saying that the media is keeping its distance so as not to undermine the efforts of the homosexual lobby.

Aside from Rios and Doyle, the few who participated in the gathering include activists Greg Quinlan, Douglas McIntyre and Richard Cohen.

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