Famed Christian Creationist Kent Hovind Arrested for a Domestic Assault

On July 30, Kent Hovind, a zealot advocate for creationism, was arrested for allegedly throwing his wife, Cindi Lincoln, to the ground. According to an arrest warrant dated July 19, 2021, Hovind's action against Lincoln caused bodily harm.

On the same day that the arrest warrant was issued, Lincoln requested the court for a protective order against Hovind and his associate. She was citing an incident earlier this year when a gun was pointed at her by one of Hovind's associates in October 2020. Hovind's attorney tried to have the petition denied saying that the petition was not filed on time. However, the Circuit Court of Conecuh County, Alabama, has rejected Hovind's petition. The hearing is scheduled for August 12 of this year.

Hovind is a staunch believer that the earth is six thousand, citing the bible as his source. Hovind has been advocating for the Young Earth Creationism theory. The theory derives its basis from a literal, word-for-word interpretation of the book of Genesis in the bible. Hovind believes that man co-existed and has thrived with the dinosaurs.

Hovind's arrest in late July is not the first time this controversial preacher faced legal problems. In 2006, Hovind was sentenced to a 10-year jail term for tax fraud. Hovind did not or failed to disclose real income. He was also unable to pay taxes for his employees' wages at the Creation Science and Dinosaur Adventure Land in Florida.

Believing that his arrest for tax fraud was wrong, Hovind tried to sue the US government. Hovind filed his case in the Pensacola Division of the US District Court Northern District of Florida. The lawsuit claims total damage of $536,041,100. The plaintiff in the suit is Kent Hovind himself and Paul Hansen, a trustee for Creation Science Evangelism. The defendant? The United States of America, along with five other individuals. 

Forbes contributor, Peter J. Reilly, commented that Hovind's case died "with a whimper." In his ruling, Magistrate Michael Frank stated that "All the claims in the second amended complaint are DISMISSED with prejudice, and the Clerk shall close the case file."

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