FFRF Wants the Removal of a Religious Memorial Honoring Teacher

FFRF Removal of Honor Memorial

Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist activist group, has called for the removal of a religious memorial in a high school in West Virginia. The atheist group served a letter to the authorities of Ravenswood Middle School, on whose premises the controversial memorial is erected, claiming that the memorial poses “serious constitutional violations.”

Joann Christy, a teacher who taught at Ravenswood Middle School for more than 25 years, was killed in an automobile accident back in 2004.

According to the attorneys of FFRF, the religious symbols on the memorial along with Bible verses gives the image that the school puts a preference on Christianity.

In the letter addressed to the school, Patrick Elliott, a FFRF staff attorney, stated that “the First Amendment mandates that schools cannot advance or promote religion, so that’s what this display is doing.”

However, the group has been faced with resistance from residents of Ravenswood, West Virginia, with Tracie Sadecky, a friend of late Joann’s family, saying that the monument is but a way to keep the teacher’s memories alive.

“There’s so many kids that came through this school that were affected by her death, that were affected by her teachings, and now we’re just trying to keep her memory alive here,” Sadecky said.

In accordance with the FFRF’s directive, Joann’s family have removed the crosses but have decided to leave the angels in place. “She collected them, she had them in her classroom, she had them in her house, so it’s something we thought would be a great addition,” Sadecky added.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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