First Annual #ExMuslimAwarenessMonth Announced!

An online movement is gaining traction to celebrate December 2022 as the first-ever ExMuslim Month.

According to movement pioneer, HaramDoodles, December is a good choice to celebrate ExMuslim Month since it follows November, which is Islamophobia Awareness Month.

In an online interview with the Atheist Republic News Team, HaramDoodles, who requested to remain anonymous, said she’s doing so because she is a closeted ExMuslim. And the movement “isn’t just about me,” she added.

According to HaramDoodles, the idea of celebrating an ExMuslim month was started by a Reddit user from the ExMuslim Subreddit. The initial idea was to create an “Apostates Awareness Month in November to counter Islamophobia Awareness Month.”

“What if we make it more specific about ExMuslims and make it our month in December,” HaramDoodles replied.

ExMuslims worldwide faces extreme danger just by declaring their intention to leave Islam. “We are not as visible to the world,” she added, comparing the few scattered ExMuslims to the billion strong Muslims.

“I went on a wild ride from Reddit to reach out to every ExMuslim I was connected to, from friends, content creators, activists, and organizations around the world,” HaramDoodles recounted her story in helping the movement gain traction.

After a couple of months of personally campaigning, a group of ExMuslim content creators, organizations, infidels, murtads, blasphemers, and apostates are ready to celebrate December as the first-ever ExMuslim Month.

According to HaramDoodles, they are hoping that by celebrating December as the ExMuslim Month, “ each ExMuslim feels like they belong, they’re seen and heard.” They also want to raise awareness of ExMuslims, celebrate apostasy and dissent, and advocate for the freedom to leave Islam.

“We want the world to get to know ExMuslims, learn more about our apostate lives, struggles, and experiences, and join us on our blasphemous journey out of Islam!” HaramDoodles added.

To join the celebration of ExMuslim Month, participants are encouraged to post content using the hashtags #ExMuslimMonth, #ExMuslimAwarenessMonth, and #ExMuslimAwarenessMonth2022.

They also encourage ExMuslims, who have not come out yet, like HaramDoodles, to always consider their safety before participating in the celebration.

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