Five Evangelical Houses Burned Down By Catholics in Mexico

In Mitzitón, Mexico, local authorities and traditionalist Catholics burned down five indigenous Tzotzil evangelical houses. The properties belonged to pastor Alejandro Jiménez Jiménez and his sons. In January 2021, they had been expelled from Mitzitón after being accused of building an evangelical temple.

The incident happened when the pastor was detained for an hour after returning to the municipality to visit his ill mother. Prior to that, he was living in a refuge house of the church and advocacy group, Alas de Águila (Wings of Eagle) which is within the same area.

The leader of Alas de Águila, Esdras Alonso González explained that the expulsion of Jiménez happened because the local Catholic traditionalists thought he was building a temple. As a result, they destroyed the construction without adequately researching the fact that he was building his first house made of cement and blocks. He stated, "the traditionalists told him that he had to leave.”

He said that they removed “the metal sheets and the wood for the construction, as they stacked his properties on one side," but this time, "they tore down the foundation of the building and burned down everything else."

González condemned the crime and further explained that around 180 houses of evangelical families had been destroyed in Mitiztón since 1982. As a result, the families had been forced to leave their properties and relocate to other places.

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