Former Police General Attacks Co-Detainee Over Blasphemy

The Indonesian National Police’s Criminal Investigation Agency or Bareskrim confirmed on the weekend of September 20 that the detained former police general attacked another inmate. Former Insp. Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte assaulted Muhammad “Kace” Kosman due to blasphemy.

Bonaparte, in a statement, said that “anyone can insult me, but not my Allah, the Koran, the Holy Prophet, and the creed of Islam.” He added that he will “take any action in a measured manner against those who dare to do so.”

General Crimes Director Andi Rian Djajadi of the Bareskrim stated that Bonaparte not only assaulted the victim but he also “smeared the latter’s face and body with human feces.” Director Djajadi added that Bonaparte instructed another detainee to collect a bag of feces.

Kasman bin Suned who goes by Muhammad “Kace” Kosman (M. Kece on his Youtube channel), was arrested for blasphemy. Islamic leaders often challenged Kace in a debate because of his blasphemous ideas until he was exiled from his village in 2007. Turning to social media, Kace quickly became infamous for uploading blasphemous videos on Youtube.

Police Chief Iptu Umun of Cimerak police, where Kace used to live, said that “in the past, the situation was different, there were no social media, so it was not as popular as it is now.” Chief Umum added that he is familiar with Kace because they escort religious leaders who visit him for debates.

Kace revealed that his fellow detainee, including Bonaparte, had harassed him. Marsudi Syuhud, General Manager of Nahdlatul Ulama, an Islamic organization in Indonesia, condemns the attack on Kace. Syuhud said that “any reason if it’s to commit violence against other people, it’s not justified.”

This is not Bonaparte’s first time getting in trouble with the law. In 2020, the Jakarta Corruption court indicted Bonaparte and another high-ranking police officer for accepting bribes from Djoko Tjandra, a wanted felon in Indonesia.

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