Fox Plans Muslim Sitcom to Combat Islamophobia

Chad American Boy

Fox recently ordered the pilot for a new television series aimed at combatting Islamophobia in the United States. Comedian Nasim Pedrad, who has previously appeared on Saturday Night Live, would be playing the role of a 14-year-old male in the upcoming sitcom titled “Chad: An American Boy.”

Islamophobia Series

Fox’s announcement came only a week after President Barack Obama addressed a predominantly Muslim audience during his first visit to an American mosque in Baltimore, Maryland, where he stressed the need for such a television show.

“Our TV shows should have Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security,”

Obama said on February 3 at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, which is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA.

Pedrad expressed excitement about the upcoming sitcom. “I’m thrilled to be able to portray a Middle Eastern family not working for or against Jack Bauer on network TV,” Pedrad said. “Also, a big thank you to Fox for understanding that my true essence is that of an awkward and misguided 14-year-old boy.”

Reportedly, Pedrad pitched the concept to channel executives as a chance to authentically portray the Iranian American community so that it resonates with teenagers and young adults who struggle to fit into the West.

Photo Credits: WND

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