Gay Colombian Teen Commits Suicide After Catholic Bullying

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Sixteen­ year­ old Sergio Urrego, who committed suicide last month in Bogota, Columbia, has endured a lot of bullying acts by Catholic School officials, says his mother.

Sergio’s mother made shocking allegations that officials at her child’s school, Gimnasio Castillo Campestre, bullied him and pushed him toward suicide.

El Espectador reports that Colombian teen Urrego has endured bullying actions from the school officials, including administrators, after discovering a photo on his phone showing him kissing another young man.

Sergio tried to transfer to another school, but school officials blocked his several attempts to move away, insisting he should visit the school psychologist.

Urrego, after weeks of torture, being called an “anarchist,” “atheist,” and “homo,” decided to jump off the roof of a shopping mall in Bogota, after posting on his Facebook wall Pink Floyd’s song “Goodbye Cruel World.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

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