Georgia Pastor: Santa Is Satan and He Is Turning Kids Into Atheists

Santa is Satan

A pastor in Georgia recently warned residents of Harlem that children who believe in Santa Claus actually believe in Satan and they will grow up to become atheists. Many Christians in Harlem expressed anger last week after Born Again Independent Baptist Church installed a billboard saying, “Santa is Satan,” but Pastor Edward Carothers came out soon after to defend the signboard, claiming that the ministry’s message is true because Santa Claus has robbed Christ of his glory.

“We have come to the point where we have replaced Jesus Christ and his birthday with a fictitious character named ‘Santa’ and we have lifted him up instead of lifting up the savior,” the pastor said. “It’s amazing to me that people would get this upset over a fictitious creature.”

Carothers also said that he was worried these children, who believe in Santa, would grow up to discover Santa is not real and that would make them question not only Christmas but also Christianity.

“They grow up believing in Santa Claus, they grow up believing in the Tooth Fairy, they grow up believing in the Easter Bunny, they grow up in some homes believing in Jesus Christ,” he said. “Well when they get older they find out the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus ain’t real. So, what about this fourth person called Jesus?”

However, Harlem residents were outraged, as they believe the ministry had taken things a tad bit too far.

“For something like that to be on that sign it’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Drew Pate, who has recently become a father. “We have a one week old and I don’t want when he gets bigger, Daddy is Santa really Satan and have to explain no it’s just somebody’s crazy idea. … I’ve read the Bible and I have never seen anything like that in the Bible.”

Yet, Carothers said his ministry’s message was true and he would stand by it.

“As much as they’re offended by me and my little sign those three letters that were put on my sign so am I offended by Jesus Christ being denied who he is on the day we celebrate his birth,” the pastor opined. “I want them to know that we believe in Jesus and we’re going to lift up and magnify him on his birthday. It’s his birthday. It’s not Santa’s birthday.”

Photo Credits: The Examiner

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