Germany: Muslim Man Strangles Daughter for Shoplifting Condoms

Germany Man Strangles Daughter

A Muslim man in Germany strangled his 19-year-old daughter to death after being informed that she was caught shoplifting condoms. When he confronted her, she told him that she was picking condoms to have sex with her boyfriend, who he had forbidden her from seeing. 51-year-old Asadullah Khan, of Pakistani origin, admitted to killing Lareeb earlier this year after she had disgraced the family and brought dishonor upon her parents, reported German newspaper Bild recently.

After strangling her to death with his bare hands, Khan and his 41-year-old wife Shazia dressed Lareeb in her dental technician attire, before placing the dead body in a wheelchair. They then transported the wheelchair from their apartment in Darmstadt to a secluded forest where they dumped Lareeb’s body at an embankment. Passersby discovered the body the following day and informed the police.

“Lareeb stayed away from the home for several nights in a row and stopped wearing the headscarf. One day we received a letter from the police saying she had been caught trying to steal condoms,” Shazia told the court. “At this point it became clear that there was sexual contact. When I showed the letter to my husband he snapped.”

Lareeb had been forbidden from leaving home to meet her boyfriend and was often beaten for refusing to cut off contact with the young fellow. Her parents said that Lareeb not only disobeyed them but also refused to wear a headscarf before stepping out of the home. Reportedly, the couple planned the murder beforehand, as they had asked their younger daughter, 14-year-old Nida, to stay at a relative’s house on the evening of the horrific incident.

Khan described how he woke up in the wee hours of the morning and walked into Lareeb’s bedroom, where he knelt beside her bed and strangled her to death. Shazia said that she woke up from her sleep because of all the disturbing sounds in her daughter’s bedroom, where she found her husband strangling their daughter but had no strength to pull him away. Earlier, she claimed to be oppressed by her husband since the first day of their marriage. 

However, Nida testified against her parents, saying that Khan did not oppress Shazia and she often hit Lareeb without much provocation.

“My mama was not oppressed, she could do what she wanted. She used to hit me with a stick. We were never allowed to talk about her [Lareeb's] boyfriend. My father used to say my sister should be forcibly married in Pakistan,” she told the court.

Lareeb’s boyfriend, 25-year-old Raheel, said in court that he wanted to marry the love of his life. He also revealed that Lareeb had told him about her mother hitting her with a stick, holding her hand against a hot stove and her father trying to strangle her on a previous occasion.

Khan, who barely speaks any German, told the court, “If I could do it all undone, I would do it. My wife has just obeyed me. I love my wife and my daughters.”

The trial continues.

Photo Credits: The World Around Us

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