“God Belongs in My City” Movement Arrives in Daytona Beach

God Belongs in My City

Earlier this month, a group of believers walked down the streets of Daytona Beach in an attempt to celebrate faith. Their march, which started from Beach Street and went up to City Hall, was part of the nationwide movement called “God Belongs in My City.”

The movement took off in 2009 when another group by the name “Big Apple Coalition for Reason” spent almost $20,000 in installing subway ads across New York that declared, “A Million New Yorkers are Good Without God.”

Religious leaders and young Christians from New York immediately responded with a prayer march wearing t-shirts that read, “God Belongs in My City.” According to Reverend Monzell Ford, the focus of the movement was to continue the efforts started in other cities to show that Daytona Beach too, shares the same vision.

“The focus here was to continue the efforts launched in other cities and declare that Daytona Beach is on board with the vision,” said Ford, member of Kingdom Minded Ministries and organizer of the event in Daytona Beach.

Co-chairman of “God Belongs in My City,” Alan Diaz, said, “Our vision is to see all churches and believers alike under one banner come together to pray and take a spiritual stand for our cities in the state of Florida.”

Photo Credit: Christian Post

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