God Says He Did Not Create Gerbils

God Says He Did Not Create Gerbils

American news satire organization Onion wrote an article on December 11 stating that despite creating every other form of life in the universe, God admitted to not having created gerbils. He who made light shine out of darkness, divine creator of Heaven, Earth, life all the other rodents in the world, said, “I just wanted everyone to know that I have absolutely no idea where gerbils came from. They just showed up a few million years ago and started reproducing. I have no problems with gerbils personally, I just wanted to make it clear that they weren’t sculpted by my divine hand. Clearly some other force brought them into existence, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what, why, or how.” God also explained that whoever or whatever was responsible for creating the gerbil must have been an ardent admirer of his work because the gerbil is a ‘complete rip-off’ of the hamster.

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