Greek Bishops Acid Attacked By Priest During Cocaine Possession Hearing

Theofylaktos Kombos, a 39-year old Eastern Orthodox priest, attacked bishops and police officers during a hearing to appeal a cocaine-possession incident. The attack happened in the Monastery of the Holy Incorporeal Taxiarchs, commonly known as Petraki Monastery, when the metropolitan synodal court ruled to overturn his appeal on June 23, 2021.

While the synodal court was in the middle of reading their verdict, overturning Kombos’ appeal, he pulled out two bottles of sulfuric acid to douse the bishops. According to a witness, there was no life-threatening injury because Kombos did not target any specific person but flung the bottles into the bishops’ general direction. Kombos then escaped the scene where he was then apprehended by a security guard stationed just outside. Kombos also attacked the security guard, but in an attempt to escape, that same guard managed to stop him while police nearby restrained him.

Kombos reportedly came prepared for the attack and premeditated to carry out the attack if the court ruled against his appeal. The report stated that he had a large amount of sulfuric acid stored in unspecified bottles at least two liters in size. After the attack, police officers retrieved the bottles and sent them to the forensic laboratory for further analysis. The report added that he was able to purchase the acid online.

At least ten people were injured during the attack, including four bishops that were taken immediately to the hospital. Two of the bishops suffered severe but not life-threatening injuries. Other victims included a lawyer, a clergyman, and the police officer who tried to stop and restrain Kombos.

Kombos was apprehended with 1.8 grams of cocaine hidden in his robe. He was prosecuted for drug possession, which prompted bishops to pass disciplinary actions. Kombos was receiving the ruling for his appeal to the disciplinary action when he carried out the attack.

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