Hindu Extremists To Launch Campaign To Convert Non-Hindu Girls By Marriage


Militant Hindu organization Bajrang Dal recently said it would launch its Bahu Lao Beti Bachao Abhiyan (Bring Wives, Save Daughters Campaign) in the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh. After its much-hyped and rather controversial Ghar Wapasi Campaign, the right wing outfit intends to launch another one of its bizarre campaigns in the second week of February 2015.

As part of this campaign, members of Bajrang Dal will visit all-girls’ colleges to spread awareness about “love jihad” to ensure Hindu girls do not foolishly marry into non-Hindu households. They also plan to approach Hindu mothers, to urge them to get their sons married to girls from Christian or Muslim families and keep their daughters from falling in love with men from another religion.

Avneendra Pratap Singh, state co-convener of Bajrang Dal, said the campaign is aimed at countering the “love jihad” campaign that has been launched by Muslims in India. Reportedly, the Bahu Lao Beti Bachao Abhiyan will keep Hindu girls from getting trapped by love jihadis and also make Christian and Muslim girls marry into Hindu households so they can be taught the rich culture and invaluable traditions associated with Hinduism, which according to the group, is the one true religion of India.

The group defended its radical ideology by saying it would not force any Christian or Muslim girl to get married to a Hindu boy but surely defend Hindu girls who are being lured into marrying Muslim men.

“In love jihad, Muslim youths marry Hindu girls pretending to be Hindus for which they get funded by different organizations from Pakistan and other Islamic countries. But, in 'bahu laao, beti bachao' campaign, we will neither ask Hindu youths to cheat girls nor provide them any money to win over girls of other communities,” said Singh.

Members of Bajrang Dal have already started identifying girls at colleges that need to be addressed in this regard. Their efforts to “sensitize” audiences include slide shows, posters, banners and mass conferences.

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