Hindus & Muslims March for Interreligious Peace in New Delhi

Just over a week after the violent clashes during the Hanuman Jayanti, residents of Jahangirpuri are calling for peace through their “Unity March.”

On April 16, 23 individuals were arrested over the Hanuman Jayanti violent clash. People were throwing stones and destroying properties. Police claimed that the detained individuals came from both Hindu and Muslim communities.

Police said they had confiscated guns and swords from the arrested individuals.

Calls for peace now drown the atmosphere of violence.

Muslims and Hindus joined hands on Sunday, April 24, for a Tiranga Yatra, a tricolor parade in Jahangirpuri, North West Delhi. Indian flags were carried and waved by Hindus and Muslims in a collective desire for peace.

The parade was composed primarily of 100 attendees, with 50 Hindus and 50 Muslims. Despite the peaceful intentions of the parade, police still deployed hundreds of personnel to keep the event secure.

During the parade, the tricolor, referring to India’s flag, was dominant and was carried by Muslims and Hindus. People were also chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai (Victory to Mother India). Others were chanting “Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Aapas Me Hai Bhai Bhai,” reminding the country that no matter the religion, they are all brothers.

Usha Rangnani, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who accompanied the parade, called for peace and harmony. “The people have themselves given this idea of carrying out a Tiranga Yatra to spread the message of communal harmony, Rangnani said.

She also hoped that the Tiranga Yatra would usher in peace and expected “normalcy to return soon.”

This rally gives the message of harmony and peace,” Rangnani said. “They have given the message that the nation comes first,” she added.

According to India Today, the parade was conducted in the C Block area of Jahangirpuri, where the violence started. “But now, smiling faces, waves, and hugs are being shown,” the report added.

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