Hindus Urge Museums Not to Display Barbie as Goddess Kali

Barbie Goddess Kali

Hindus recently launched a campaign, urging museums in Rome and Paris not to display the iconic Barbie doll as the deity Kali in their exhibitions. They said that the museums’ decision to do so would not only be inappropriate but also offend the religious sentiment of Hindus.

The exhibition titled ‘Barbie the Icon’ features an Argentinian artist’s recreation of Barbie as Kali with a dagger as well as a severed head on a plate. It was on display at Museo delle Culture in Milan until March 13, but is expected to move to Complesso del Vittoriano Gallery in Rome from April 15 to October 30, and then Musee des Arts decoratifs in Paris until September 18.

Eminent Hindu statesman Rajan Zad delivered a statement in Nevada on March 15, urging the concerned museums not to include the above-mentioned Barbie Kali display in their exhibitions, as it could potentially trivialize the highly revered deity of Hinduism.

Zed, who is also the president of Universal Society of Hinduism, explained that recreating Hindu scriptures and deities for the purpose of commercial profits or other agenda was objectionable, as it could hurt the sentiments of devotees. He further stated that Goddess Kali, among other Hindu deities, was meant for worship at temples or home shrines and it was very offensive for her to be reduced to a Barbie character.

Zed pointed out that Hindus typically support free speech but when it comes to faith, the sanctity of Hinduism should be protected without any attempt to belittle or hurt its devotees. He added that artists should be a lot more sensitive while dealing in faith-related subjects. Stating that Hindus welcome artists from across the world to immerse in their religion, Zed said both parties should do so with respect and seriousness.

Hinduism happens to be the oldest and third largest religion in the world with approximately one billion adherents who abide by its rich philosophical idea and peaceful way of life. The eventual goal of Hinduism is the attainment of moksha (liberation).

“It should not be taken frivolously. No faith, larger or smaller, should be plundered,” Rajan Zed noted.

Goddess Kali, who is known to personify divine energy or Shakti, is widely worshipped as the controller of universal time and space.

Photo Credits: The Hindu

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