Incapacitated Patient Gave Birth After Sexual Assault


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A woman who gave birth to a baby boy on Dec. 29th was, for at least a decade after a near-drowning incident, in a vegetative state at the Hacienda HealthCare facility. Dr. Greg Marchand said the biggest difference between a woman giving birth in a vegetative state versus a healthy woman is that this victim could not help push the baby out, and it’s a miracle there were no severe complications.

At some point last spring or summer, someone sexually assaulted this woman who was in a persistent vegetative state, and she became pregnant. Investigations have now concluded (via DNA testing) that Nathan Sutherland, a Christian rapper who began working as a nurse when his career fizzled out, committed the crime. He apparently passed an “extensive background check” when he was hired and didn’t raise any red flags.

After the baby was born, police sought to collect DNA samples from all the male employees who had access to the patient. Sutherland gave his sample on Tuesday morning, officials said. Hours later, he was in handcuffs.

The Washington Post reports that Nathan’s Christian music group, Sleeplessouljaz, rapped inspirational messages in churches and concert halls across the Southwest. He sought to start a transitional home for orphans and homeless youth. When those dreams fizzled, he dove into an industry synonymous with caretaking: He became a nurse.

"My parents, actually, they split up in Haiti, and I remember my mom couldn’t take care of us,” Sutherland told an interviewer in 2011. “She brought us to an orphanage, which, you know, one meal a day is a blessing if you have a cup of rice or something. Even though it’s an orphanage, you’ll be blessed if you have one cup or bowl of rice a day.”

“Jesus gave your own mind to you,” he told the interviewer when asked what he would tell young people. “You have instruction. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to go and stuff. It’s going to be hard. But try not to make excuses for the way you are behaving.”

"Many sexual assault perpetrators are actually looking for situations where people are in isolated or vulnerable positions. And because most perpetrators are not reported to police, or their cases don't actually move forward, we don’t always know if someone has a history of engaging in sexual harm against people," the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence spokesperson Tasha Menaker said.

Sutherland is currently living under house arrest, until his trial. His wife filed for divorce seven weeks ago, saying their marriage was broken beyond repair, the news station reported.

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