Indian Man Spied for Pakistan in Exchange for Nudes

India’s Crime Inspection Department (CID) apprehended a man enticed by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to leak sensitive information with nude photos of women and seductive conversations with them, India Today reported. He added that his greed for more pornography led him to reveal secret military information.

“Satyanarayan Paliwal, a resident of Jaisalmer, has been booked and arrested by CID (Special Branch) on espionage charges. He has confessed to being in touch with an agent of Pakistan intelligence agency and possessing sensitive military information,” said Rajasthan Police as per a report in ANI.

Satyanarayan Paliwal, the 42-year-old from Lathi in Jaisalmer, is now in custody under the Official Secrets Act on spying charges.

While being interrogated, Paliwal claimed women tempted him on behalf of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). They often had erotic conversations with him and shared nude photos to persuade him to share information regarding the Army’s movement in border areas and the Pokhran firing range. Paliwal said he became greedy and started sending more sensitive information about the Indian Army to the agency for more photos and long conversations.

Intelligence officials said that Paliwal had been in touch with ISI for a long time via social media accounts and was honey-trapped for critical information.

Paliwal used a fake account on social media to engage the women in provocative virtual sex. Investigators learned that he used the same phony account to commit treason by sending confidential information across the border.

A short story of betrayal & honeytrap. A 42-year-old Endian man, Satyanarayan Paliwal from Rajasthan, betrayed his...

Posted by PAK THUNDERBiRd on Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Authorities later brought Paliwal to Jaipur, and both the intelligence agencies of Rajasthan and the Indian Army interrogated him.

According to officials, investigators had been watching Paliwal for some time. Police found many army-related documents in his mobile phone while in custody. Police said that a further probe is underway to determine if anyone else was involved.

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