Indian Mother Sacrifices Daughters, Believed They ‘Will Come Alive Again’

In a horrifying incident, a mother bludgeoned her two daughters in their 20s, allegedly at the advice of a tantric priest, while their father watched the grisly act in silence.

A mother killed her two daughters using dumbells on the night of Sunday, Jan. 24th in Andhra Pradesh, India. When police arrived on the scene, they inquired about the incident. The girls' parents explained that their daughters would come alive again after the sunrise, as "kalyuga" ends and "satyuga" begins on Monday.

Police reached the scene of the incident after a tip-off. The police identified the victims as 27-year-old Alekhya and 22-year-old Sai Divya. Police said after the double murder, the girls’ father informed his colleague over the phone about the incident, who in turn alerted the police.

The accused, V. Padmaja, used the dumbbells to kill her two daughters and her husband, V. Purushottam Naidu, was also an accomplice in the murder.
Alekhya, the eldest of the two daughters, completed her MBA and worked at a Bhopal forest management institute. After completing her Bachelor of Business (BBA) degree, the younger daughter, Sai Divya, was learning music at AR Rahman Music Academy in Mumbai. Both the girls were on a home visit where the family had moved to only a year ago.

The police report states that the couple behaved strangely during the Covid-19 lockdown, particularly on that fateful Sunday night. Neighbors also called the police after hearing strange noises and cries from the house.

When police tried to enter the home, the couple resisted. As police forced themselves into the home, the parents resisted them, refusing to allow the bodies to be removed, saying that the “girls will come back by morning.” The hysterical mother later told police, “The Atmas (souls) left, and they were supposed to come back. But they did not. I have lost my daughters.” Police officials reported that the mother was “delusional" But when they finally forced their way inside, they discovered a shocking crime scene. The bodies of both girls were covered in long red silk. Police sent the bodies to the post-mortem examiner. They recovered a trident and the dumbbells used to kill the girls as they placed the couple in custody.

The two victims, battered and lying in a pool of blood, were moved to the local government hospital. Police found unmistakable marks of religious rituals in the house, suggesting that the murder was related to superstitious beliefs. The victims' heads were shaved on top, half tonsured. Small silver pots were placed in their mouths. According to police, the victims were naked when their mother killed them but were later draped in red sarees.

The extreme lengths the couple went through has police scratching their heads. Officials suspect the daughters were brainwashed by the parents so that they, too, believed in the prophecy of reincarnations. Alekhya, in particular, often shared videos of herself singing on Instagram. In one post, she wrote: "Shiva is coming." The police are also going through the social media accounts of both daughters to understand how this happened.

The authorities will send the parents for medical examination to ascertain their mental condition. The mother, V. Padmaja, is a gold medalist in MSC (mathematics) and works as principal and correspondent at Masterminds IIT Talent School. The father, V. Purushottam Naidu, works at the Women’s Government Degree College as an Associate Professor of Chemistry, police said.

Satyuga is known as the utopia and pinnacle of civilization, where all people are believed to be entirely selfless, knowledgeable, wise, self-controlled, and enlightened. The faith maintains that following the Vedas is not a result of compulsion or fear, but because they are supremely knowledgeable. Satyuga understands the correct principles regarding everything in life, consequently spellbinding them to follow the right path.



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