Indian Supreme Court Slams Hindu Party Spokeswoman for "Insulting" Islam

BJP leader Nupur Sharma was reprimanded by the Supreme Court last week for the inflammatory remarks that she made against the Islamic prophet. The Supreme Court said that her "loose tongue" had "put the entire country on fire,"

Nupur Sharma, the suspended BJP spokesperson, was sharply criticized by the Supreme Court on July 1st for her controversial remarks that sparked the Prophet row. The court had refused to accept Sharma's plea for consolidation of FIRs lodged against her in various states to be clubbed together at Delhi.

The court claimed that Nupur Sharma is responsible for worsening the tension between the Hindus and the Muslims, causing unrest throughout the country. She is responsible for the murders of people like Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur.

Justice Surya Kant said, "What if she is the spokesperson of a party? She thinks she has backup power and can make any statement without respect to the law of the land?"

When Sharma's lawyer pointed out that she had apologized for her remarks, she retracted the statements. The court replied that she should have gone on TV and begged the nation to be forgiven.

The Delhi Police enquired about the FIR registered against Nupur Sharma. The Supreme Court slammed the force, asking, "What has Delhi police done? Don't make us open our mouth."

"When you get an FIR registered against XYZ, he is arrested immediately… Nobody has dared to touch you (Nupur Sharma)."

There was an uproar on social media about the statements made by the Supreme Court. Many had harshly criticized the hearing, some even saying that the court was following the Islamic Sharia Law. Several petitions have also been filed regarding this matter, demanding that the Supreme Court should take back what they said.

Angered by the remarks of Justice Surya Kant and Justice J.B. Pardiwala during the hearing, a group of 15 former judges, 77 retired bureaucrats, and 25 army veterans signed and sent a letter to the Chief Justice of India, N. V. Ramana. They said the Supreme Court had crossed the line and should immediately rectify itself.

The letter stated, "In the annals of the judiciary, the unfortunate comments have no parallel and are an indelible scar on the justice system of the largest democracy. Urgent rectification steps are called for as these have potentially serious consequences on democratic values and security of the country."

Among the 117 signatories are the former Bombay High Court Chief Justice Kshitij Byas, former Gujarat High Court Justice SM Soni, former Rajasthan High Court Justices RS Rathore, and Prashant Agarwal, and former Delhi High Court Justice SN Dhingra.

Protests and violent riots erupted all over the country after Sharma made "insulting" remarks about prophet Muhammad during a televised debate. Several countries with a Muslim majority reacted sharply, criticizing the nation's leaders. The BJP later suspended Sharma from their party in an effort to quench the foreign animosity.

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