Indiana Official Refuses Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Despite Court Ruling

Same Sex Marriage

A county clerk from southwestern Indiana refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples citing religious reasons. Sherry Healey told the media that she believed the Bible “blindly” and had a lack of clear direction since U.S. District Judge Richard Young ruled out Indiana’s ban on same-sex marriage. Her office turned away all gay and lesbian couples who tried to secure a marriage license.

Young said that Indiana’s prohibition of same-sex marriage is unconstitutional on June 25th to which Healey said there is a gray area between Young’s decision and an advisory from Indian’s attorney general’s office and so she will wait for that to be cleared out before deciding whether or not to issue licenses to same-sex couples.

Reportedly, Healey told one license seeker that the United States was founded on the Bible’s principle that marriage can take place between one man and one woman and so she will stand by that until she hears otherwise.

In a related incident however, another county clerk from Indiana, Beth White, said she will perform brief civil marriage ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples who donate $50 to a charitable fund that supports LGBT rights. Her office is currently changing the online application form for securing marriage licenses to replace bride and groom with spouse and spouse.

Recently, federal courts across the country have struck down same-sex marriage bans though many of the rulings are on hold because they are pending appeal. Attorneys from both ends say the issue will eventually land in the United States Supreme Court.

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