Indonesian Woman Says She Was Impregnated By A “Gust of Wind'

Police in Indonesia opened an investigation involving a woman’s peculiar case of bearing a child at the local clinic. Authorities are examining the odd details of her claim that she was impregnated only an hour earlier by a “gust of wind.” 

The young woman, Siti Zainah (age 25), recently gave birth to a baby girl in Cianjur, a town within Indonesia’s southern province of West Java. 



Siti Zainah explained to local media that she was resting in her living room when she was mysteriously impregnated. “After afternoon prayer, I was lying face down, and then suddenly I felt a gust of wind enter my vagina,” she said.

The young mother said she began experiencing pain in her abdomen only 15 minutes later, as her stomach grew bigger and bigger. She rushed to the community health clinic and gave birth.

According to local media, news about Siti Zainah’s bizarre pregnancy spread quickly around town before local authorities decided to visit her.

Eman Sulaeman, the director of Cidaun's community clinic, accompanied the sub-precinct chief of police to the woman’s home.

Eman speculated that Zainah experienced a cryptic pregnancy, a phrase that describes a pregnancy the mother never recognizes until she goes into labor or has given birth. Zainah already has one child fathered by a husband who she separated from about four months ago.

"The mother and baby are in a healthy condition, and the birth process was normal. The baby’s gender is female, and she weighs 2.9 kilograms (6.39 lbs),” she stated.

“The point is that we want to straighten out the confusing news about the pregnant woman who gave birth in a way perceived to be unnatural. We don’t want this matter to foster wild rumors among the public,” said Officer Sumardi.

Some have suggested that Zainah possibly used the story to conceal a pregnancy from a man other than her then-husband. This shameful situation, if true, would most certainly scar her reputation and bring disgrace upon her family, especially amidst Indonesia’s deeply religious communities.

In July 2020, a woman from Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, claimed that she mysteriously conceived a child only one hour before giving birth.

A teenager from South Sulawesi Province, Utje Ramadani, gave birth in 2017 despite claiming she was a virgin, as local media reported.

Sitti Hikmawatty, a child protection chief of Indonesia, created a scandal in February 2020 when she convinced women that they could get pregnant by swimming in the same pool as a man with “strong sperm.”

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