ISIS AIDS Crisis: How the Terrorist Organization Manages Infected 'Slaves'!

An anti-ISIS channel released what it claimed to be an internal document from the Islamic State’s Al-Karrar Office, part of the organization’s General Directorate of Provinces, containing information on handling wives and slaves infected with HIV/AIDS.

The letter, written in Arabic, was posted on "The Channel To Expose The Worshippers Of Al-Baghdadi And Al-Hashemi," which runs on the Rocket.Chat server operated by Al-Qaeda. It was addressed to the wali (governor) of the Mozambique Province of the Islamic State and featured responses from the ISIS leadership to religious questions sent by the governor and were originally sent in a non-Arabic language.

The first question on the document's first page read, “What is the ruling on wild boar, and is there a difference between it and [the ruling on] domestic pigs?

Another circular page implied that some ISIS fighters in Mozambique and their wives acquired HIV/AIDS. It also indicated that the terrorist organization has been enslaving women and giving them away to fighters as a reward.

The Islamic State’s Mozambique Province also discussed some measures they took to deal with rising cases of HIV/AIDS among their fighters and residents of the territories they controlled, adding that they conducted medical tests and the ISIS court ruled that if HIV/AIDS is found on one of the spouses, then the other spouse must have it as well.

This conclusion led them to separate the infected spouses from one another for three months before retaking the medical test. According to the document, the marriage would be invalidated if the new test still gave a positive result for one of the spouses. Nevertheless, the woman would need to wait for a three-month period (following divorce according to Islamic laws) before marrying another person who contracted the disease.

The wali said the ruling has not been implemented yet, as he still awaits an answer from the ISIS leadership. He also talked about enslaved women who contracted HIV/AIDS, stating that the group had not yet divided them among the fighters.

The ISIS leadership answered this question, saying, "It seems, and Allah knows best, that this disease has come to you through the women you enslave, so it is necessary to examine them before dividing them up among the brothers. [The tests] should also apply to immigrant brothers, sisters if you are able to do so, and the division of slaves should be delayed until you are completely sure that they are free of these diseases."

It also provided guidelines on how to deal with enslaved women suffering from HIV/AIDS, depending on whether they agreed to convert to Islam and if a ransom had been paid for them. First, the ISIS leadership said, "those who convert to Islam and are confirmed free of the disease can be given [to ISIS members]."

Female slaves who contracted the disease but agreed to convert to Islam can be set free if a ransom has been paid, according to the ISIS leadership. However, the directive from the group’s leadership said that enslaved women who contracted HIV/AIDS and refused to convert to Islam and had no ransom paid for them should be killed.

Non-virgin women, according to the circular, should be tested for HIV/AIDS before they are distributed among ISIS members, while those who are virgins are free to be owned and married.

A pro-ISIS Telegram channel, Bariqah News Agency, confirmed the document's authenticity, which dates to January 9, 2022. Although the outlet did not discuss the contents of the circular, it said the document was obtained during a raid that led to the death of the fourth ISIS Caliph, Abu Al-Husayn Al-Husayni Al-Qurashi, during a battle with the Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib, Syria last August 3rd.

"An internal circular about religious inquiries dated to mid past year 1444 AH. That is, about seven months ago. From where did HTS get it?! From what archive?! From which house it raided after the killing of its owner?! From which family of the sheikhs who were assassinated by the Crusader coalition or its Turkish and HTS agents?!" the channel wrote in Arabic.

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