Islamic Charity's Chilling "Black Magic Exorcism" Services Spark Outrage

The UK’s Charity Commission is investigating concerns raised over a couple of newly registered religious charities that stoked fears over "Black Magic," "witchcraft," and exorcism practices.

The National Secular Society (NSS) released a blog article on April 15th, raising concerns over three religious charities that were “stoking fear of black magic” and even promoting exorcism. The article referred to one Islamic charity, East Birmingham Central Masjid, as well as two Christian charities, Cambridge Papers Limited and the Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries Belfast.

All three organizations were found to have been recently registered with the government, and the charities were registered for “the advancement of religion.

The East Birmingham Central Masjid, an Islamic charity registered in February, stated that the world is "tainted by darkness,” even claiming on its website that "the menace of Black Magic has grown disturbingly widespread.” The charity also "unveiled the Ruqyah Service and Awareness Program" on its website to "combat this peril.

According to the charity, the program aims to "shed light on the sinister repercussions of magic" and "protect our Muslim brothers and sisters from the snares of sorcerers and magicians." On the website, the charity also stated that the program seeks to “illuminate the perilous indicators and symptoms of black magic, the evil eye, and jinn possession.

It also argued that "falsehoods about Islam" are being spread by groups, including "Zionist organizations," which have invested "millions of dollars to flood the digital landscape with anti-Islamic material.

Meanwhile, an article from the website of Cambridge Papers Limited, a newly-formed Christian charity, asserted that "we are in danger of re-entering an age of overt witchcraft,” adding that witchcraft "is real" and "we need to beware of increasing witchery in our society.” 

Another article from the charity’s website also claimed that legalizing same-sex marriage would risk breaking the connections between “marriage, childbearing, and kinship,” and children would become “ultimate accessories” subject to their parents’ agendas. 

Lastly, concerns were also raised over the Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries Belfast, which promoted a sermon about “witch hunting.” On its Facebook page, the newly registered Christian charity shared details about a sermon on "five kinds of witches or familiar spirits.

"Charities are meant to benefit the public. But promoting the idea that some people can be 'witches' or possessed by evil spirits can lead to extreme harm to children and vulnerable adults,” Alejandro Sanchez, the campaigns officer at the NSS, said regarding the charities that are being investigated. 

"It's yet another example of 'the advancement of religion' enabling charities to spread harm. This charitable purpose must be urgently reviewed. No charity, religious or otherwise, should be allowed to promote ideology which fuels spiritual abuse," he added.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales stated it would investigate concerns raised over claims made by East Birmingham Central Masjid and Cambridge Papers Limited. Meanwhile, the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland said it is looking into the concerns at the Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries Belfast.

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