Islamic Extremists Tweet Out Pictures Of Crucifixions

ISIS Crucifixions

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the radical Al Qaeda offshoot, that has been making news for ransacking and devastating Iraq and Syria recently, has now hit a new and shocking low. ISIL insurgents have carried out random killings, mass executions, amputations, public crucifixions and beheadings in both countries where it hopes to establish a Sunni Islamic caliphate run under the stringent Sharia law.

While public crucifixions are considered only ceremonial in the 21st century with some Christians enacting it as part of their Easter observance, the horrifying act may be making a real comeback in Syria. Two men were reportedly crucified in Raqqa earlier this year and their bodies were displayed in the center of the town before ISIL militants tweeted out pictures of the horrifying incident. Below the photo of the crucified body, the jihadist who associates himself with ISIL wrote, “We just executed 7 spies trying to plant bombs on cars of the ikhwa. Massive turnout.”

ISIL militants have been using public crucifixions and other barbaric measures to prove their strength in Iraq and Syria. It was stunning the number of congratulatory messages that appeared beneath the original tweet announcing the horrifying executions in Raqqa.


Images of this particular crucifixion and other brutalities carried out by ISIL have been spreading over social media since April this year.

Cruxificions 2

ISIL insurgents crucified the individuals in the above photographs because they were fighting on behalf of the Syrian government and considered rebels by the militant group.

These two men were flogged 25 lashes each by an ISIL radical for allegedly missing Friday prayers.

These images were published by TIME. They show an ISIL fighter beheading a Syrian man in front of a crowd in Aleppo for a crime nobody knows he committed. Similar pictures of a man being amputated in Maskanah were live-tweeted by ISIL after they found the man guilty of stealing. However, Twitter suspended the account that posted those photographs.

Crux 4

ISIL also uploaded a gruesome video recently, where a police major is seen being slaughtered and beheaded in his own bedroom after the jihadists manage to break into his home in the dead of night. The hour-long video of the major’s beheading is set to religious chants followed by a topical tweet that says, “This is our ball. It’s made of skin #WorldCup.” ISIL fighters clarified that they posted the video in a bid to terrorize disintegrating security forces.

Mass Execution

This picture is only one of the many mass executions carried out by ISIL. While some mass executions have been carried out upon army personnel, others have been carried out upon innocent civilians.

According to a local news house, the above video shows ISIL militants on a shooting rampage in Iraq.

Earlier, ISIL worked in tandem with al Qaeda but the latter repudiated the former in 2014 after ISIL’s extremist measures became more of a liability to al Qaeda’s image.

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