Islamists Attack Iranian Dissidents in the United Kingdom

Supporters of the Iranian regime violently attacked Iranian dissidents on May 24th after a group of dissidents protested outside a vigil in London for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who died in a helicopter crash in northwestern Iran near the country’s border with Azerbaijan along with his foreign minister and several other Iranian officials on May 19th. 

Pro-Islamic Republic Iranians and Muslims recently held an event at an office building in Alperton Lane, Wembley, northwestern London, to honor the late Iranian President and commemorate his death. Raisi, who was 63 when he passed away, earned the nickname “Butcher of Tehran” for his role in the mass killings of Iranian political prisoners and dissidents in 1988, where thousands were killed and tortured under the orders of then-Ayatollah Khomeini.

Anti-regime dissidents then gathered outside the venue to protest against the event and were met by supporters of the Islamic Republic. Confrontations ensued, and a violent attack occurred, where several men wearing black clothes were seen beating up protesters who were also waving Iran’s former flag before the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

London’s Metropolitan Police were called to the scene outside the Dewan Al-Kafeel Center after they received reports of a disorder. Paramedics also joined the Met officers in responding to the attack and treated four people who were injured during the incident.

Metropolitan Police said in their statement posted on May 25th that the injuries sustained by the four people during the attacks were “not believed to be either life-threatening or life-changing.” 

However, one Iranian activist, Niyak Ghorbani, present during the incident, refuted this claim, arguing that one of the four people injured during the attacks had severe spinal injuries and is still being treated in the hospital, adding that the victim is in severe pain and unable to move his leg.

The Met also confirmed that one person was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder but did not confirm if he was with the Iranian regime loyalists or anti-regime dissidents, adding that “further inquiries will now follow to establish what further offenses took place and to identify those involved."

Today, the Islamic Republic held a mourning ceremony in London for the death of its president.” Ghorbani, who also knew those at the protest and supported them after they were hospitalized, spoke about the incident. “We coordinated with friends to show that Iranians are very happy about this event by dancing and celebrating.

When the police arrived there, they [protesters] played the song "Helicopter" and started dancing and celebrating. This angered the supporters of the Islamic Republic, who then attacked our friends.” Ghorbani also added.

Videos showing the violent attacks between the Islamic Republic supporters and the anti-regime dissidents became viral on social media, and the Met Police said their investigations will also include “an examination of footage shared on social media.

Many Iranian dissidents and opponents of the regime condemned the attack. Masih Alinejad, who herself has been a target of assassination and kidnapping attempts by agents of the government, called on British authorities to act against "thugs of the Islamic Republic." Reza Pahlavi, the exiled Crown Prince of Iran, also issued a call to British and other Western governments to protect Iranians from the “violence perpetrated by supporters of the Iranian regime.

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