Islamists Execute Teenager for Blasphemy in Syria

Islamists Execute Teenager
Mohammed Qataa

Members of an Al-Qaeda associated radical Islamic group executed a teenager in the presence of his mother and father as a punishment for what they claimed to be religious blasphemy. The 15-year-old boy, Mohammed Qataa, was killed by being shot in the neck and the face the next morning after he was captured, said the Syrian organization for human rights, a UK based group that opposes the Syrian government. The group also released a gory picture that shows the brutality of the crime where the boy's face is in his mouth with a bloodied jaw and another bullet injury on his neck.

The group released their report of the killing based on the witness' accounts. As per reports, Qataa used to sell coffee on the streets of the lower-class Shaar area and was heard arguing with another person claiming, "Even if Prophet Mohammed himself comes down (on earth), I won't be a believer."

The organization says that when the Islamic militant group Nusra Front heard about the comment, they captured Qataa the same Saturday night. When they brought Qataa back the next morning, he was visibly beaten up with whiplash marks all over his body. As people started gathering around the Islamic brigade, one of the member announced, "People of Aleppo, not believing in Allah is polytheism and using profanity against the prophet will be considered polytheism. Whoever curses God or his prophet ever will be punished in the same manner." After proclaiming this he fired Qataa with two bullets from his automatic rifle, in public view and in the presence of the boy's parents and got in to his car and drove away.

An onlooker, Mr. Abdulrahman mentioned that Qataa's mother had pleaded to the killers to let her boy go. The boy's parent said he had earlier participated in the pro-democracy protest held in Aleppo.

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