Jewish Couple in New York Assaulted by Anti-Semitic Gang

Jewish Couple

An anti-Semitic gang physically assaulted a Jewish couple in New York, after which they fled the scene in cars, waving Palestinian Authority flags. According to police officials, two cars and a number of motorbikes pulled up next to the couple on August 25, as they were walking down Third Avenue on the Upper East Side during the evening. Reportedly, the attackers started shouting anti-Jewish slogans before assaulting both partners. One man beat the woman with a water bottle and another hit the husband on his head when he tried to intervene and defend his wife.

Even though the couple was shocked and shaken, neither was seriously injured and they did not seek medical help immediately. The couple’s identity has been withheld but police officials said they were in their late-20s and may have been attacked because the husband was wearing a kippah or skullcap. Police have categorized the incident as a hate crime and launched an investigation into the matter. However, no arrests have been made as yet.

There has been a sudden increase in anti-Semitic crimes across the world since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge to counter military attacks on its civilians on the Gaza strip. While Europe has witnessed most of these anti-Jewish hate crimes, several others have been reported in the Unites States as well, where attackers have been heard shouting pro-Gaza, anti-Israel slogans. The World Zionist Organization reported in July that it recorded a 383 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks this year as compared to previous years.

Photo Credit: Alarabiya

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