Jewish Leader Speaks Out Against Anti-Christian Attacks

Ronald Lauder

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, spoke out against anti-Christian attacks and expressed solidarity with the global persecution of the community in different parts of the world. He was speaking at the Jerusalem Day Convention alongside the Israeli Allies European Summit, which was organized in Budapest, Hungary on June 14th.

“I will speak out across the globe with world leaders and with ordinary citizens, and I will tell them that we will never tolerate any kind of anti-Christian threats, just as we will not tolerate anti-Semitism… Your fight is my fight,” said Lauder.

Christians in different parts of the world have come under assaults recently, especially in the Middle East where the minority community in countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq has faced widespread attacks from Islamic extremists.

“In Syria over the last two years, almost half-a-million peaceful Christian Arabs have been driven out. Many thousands have even been killed,” he elaborated.

Lauder thanked Christian leaders for their steadfast support in defending Israel and its people.

“Two people, Christians and Jews, will defend Israel. Two people, Christians and Jews, will protect Christian Arabs. … Thank you for your steadfast support of Israel and the Jewish people,” he said.

Photo Credit: World Jewish Congress/Doron Ritter

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