Judge Gives Amber Guyger a Bible After Her Sentencing


Photo Credits :Northwest Religious Liberty Association

Botham Jean, an African American man, was killed by former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger after she mistakenly wandered into his apartment thinking it was her own and assuming that he was an intruder before firing her gun. Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison and her sentence is considered as a sign of injustice in the system especially by other African Americans. Instead of spending her life in jail she could get out after no more than five years with this sentence.

Anyway, besides everything that happened, Botham's brother, Brandt Jean, offered Amber grace and forgiveness asking if he could hug her. He said that he has only love for her, asked her to accept Christ and gave her a hug. The judge, Tammy Kemp, who sentenced Guyger, also had an emotional moment with her.

After Kemp consoled the victim's family she went to Guyger giving her a bible and hugging her afterwards. As Patheos reports, the judge appeared to be overcome in the moment and after giving Guyger a bible she had a conversation with her. “You can have mine,” the judge said to Guyger. “I have three or four at home.” She then began to counsel Guyger. The pair were talking low, barely audible, just the two of them. “This is your job,” the judge said, opening the book. The judge mentioned John 3:16, saying this will strengthen her. Guyger nodded her head. “You just need a tiny mustard seed of faith,” the judge said. “You start with this.” Guyger embraced the judge, who hugged her back. Guyger whispered something. “Ma’am,” the judge said warmly. “It’s not because I’m good. It’s because I believe in Christ.

The judge's behavior was completely inappropriate. She apparently instructed a person convicted for murder to accept Christianity and that it should be her job while in jail. Does this mean that the judge, who is an official of the state and represents the legal system, sends the message that Christians are better people and that she would treat her different if she becomes one?

It is unknown if Guyger is already a Christian, or maybe she is a part of some other religion or she is non-religious. Whatever her religious beliefs were, the judge made it clear that it would be better for her to embrace Christianity while in jail. Even without this part regarding Christianity and a bible it is inappropriate for judge to hug and console a convicted murderer.

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