Kenyan Attorney Tries to Overturn Jesus' Death Sentence

Jesus Cruxificion

Kenyan attorney, Dola Indidis has embarked on a quest to overturn the death sentence of Jesus Christ. Indidis wants to file a lawsuit against the religious and government leaders of Jesus’ time. The accused list includes Governor Pontius Pilate, Emperor Tiberius and King Herod.

The attorney is gathering support and funds to present his case to The Hague International Court of Justice.

The Kenyan lawyer submitted the same case to the Kenyan High Court in 2007, but it was rejected since all the accused individuals died more than 2000 years ago. In 2011 Indidis changed his strategy, taking the case to the Hague. He also plans to expand the list of the accused to the states of Israel and Italy, arguing that these countries inherited laws from the Roman Empire.

The lawyer's crusade is turning into a long one, but he has declared that he is confident that justice will be made during his lifetime. However, the Hague will never even consider Indidis' case since it is out of their jurisdiction. The International Court of Justice only hears disputes brought by one state against another. Yet Indidis is not giving up.

On his Facebook page, he presents a document, signed on December 2011, asking for funding and support:

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