Knights of Columbus Push for Religious Plaque at Ballwin City Hall

Knights of Columbus

Catholic fraternal benefits organization The Knights of Columbus are trying to install a plaque that reads ‘In God We Trust’ at Ballwin City Hall in Ballwin, Mo., near St. Louis.

“I’ve seen mixed reviews from residents. Some say ‘separation of church and state’ and others say this is our nation’s motto,” said Ballwin Mayor Tim Pogue.

Offering to pay as much as $750,000 in private donation to have the sign installed in the city hall, the Knights of Columbus claim to have been inspired by two other cities, namely Sullivan and St Peters that have similar plaques in their town halls. Ballwin already has a motto that says, ‘Bringing People Together.’

“Right now, we are just looking at the proposal and they’ll be back with designs and locations as well as cost estimates,” said Pogue.

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