Local San Diego Muslim Imam Survives Knife Attack, Called "Terrorist"

A Muslim imam was stabbed after an altercation that started with the suspect calling the victim a “fucking terrorist.” Sheikh Uthman ibn Farooq said he was followed and confronted by the suspect after his public preaching.

The San Diego-based imam has been performing the “dawah,” or public preaching, since his early 20’s. Farooq has gained popularity among Muslim individuals, including non-Muslims whom he engages on his Youtube channel.

Farooq posted a video on Youtube explaining the situation and announcing to his followers that he was fine. “With the will of Allah, everything is fine,” he declared.

Farooq also engages with seculars and atheists. Last year, a famous ex-Muslim, Apostate Prophet, invited him to a debate. Farooq did not respond to the invitation.

Farooq recounted the incident, saying he was in downtown San Diego when a guy yelled “abusive, racist” stuff at him. “They called us terrorists, they called us names, but they are the ones who initiate,” he added.

“We go out and preach peacefully; we just share information about Islam,” he added. Farooq claimed in his video that people resort to abuse, terrorism, and violence because they are “unable to debate with us academically.” “Where are your videos condemning this” Farooq asked.

The preacher was referring to other preaching personalities, such as Apostate Prophet. Apostate Prophet and David Wood released a video responding to Farooq.

Farooq also showed the recording he had of the altercation. Although the stabbing was not shown, the footage indicates that the imam physically confronted the attacker. “You think I’m scared of you?” Farooq said before putting down his phone.

The alteration eventually led to the stabbing.

Lt. Adam Sharki of the San Diego Police Department said they could not provide the time and date of the incident. San Diego PD is aware of the video and is working closely with Farooq.

“SDPD takes reports of hate crimes very seriously,” Sharki said. “Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers,” he added.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) San Diego chapter condemned the incident, calling it a “bias-motivated stabbing.”

Tazheen Nizam, Executive Director of the CAIR San Diego chapter, said they “condemn this apparently bias-motivated attack on Sheikh Uthman and pray for his full recovery.” Nizam also noted that the “steady rise in hate crimes is of grave concern.”

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