Louisiana Library Ban on Drag Queen Story Time

Photo Credit: KADN News 15

Amber "Aimee" Robinson of Lafayette and Matthew Humphrey of Youngsville — who wanted to organize a Drag Queen Story Time at the Lafayette Public Library — were required to sign a form before reserving a meeting room saying they won't use the library for such purposes. Robinson and Humphrey are both members of a group called Acadiana Supporters of Drag Queen Story Time. The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana reacted by filing a lawsuit against the Lafayette library in order to end its ban on programs in which men in drag read to children, and both Robinson and Humphrey are supporting this lawsuit.

“Kids who are different have to know its okay, and kids who aren’t different have to know its okay for other kids to be different. That’s what Drag Queen Story Time is all about,” said Matthew Humphrey according to Fox8live.com, explaining why he wants to organize a Drag Queen Story Time event at the public library in January. “Drag Queen Story Time has widespread support in Lafayette, and it’s called a ‘public’ library for a reason. We’re not just fighting for Drag Queen Story Time, we’re fighting for everyone’s right to be themselves and speak their minds – without being discriminated against, censored or banished from public spaces,” said Aimee Robinson.

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Libraries and book stores across the country have held similar programs featuring men in drag telling stories, and some have drawn protests. The Lafayette Library imposed a ban on Drag Queen Story Hour and started using a form after it was sued by people claiming "transgenderism" is a religion. The Library also agreed not to plan a Drag Queen Story Hour while the suit was in court. But The Library is now facing a second lawsuit as a result. The first lawsuit was filed by members of groups called Warriors for Christ and Special Forces of Liberty which led to The Library imposing a ban.  Then the ACLU filed the second lawsuit as a reaction to that ban.

Drag Queen Story Time was originally planned by members of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity of "gay, bisexual and progressive men." They wanted to read books to children between ages 3 and 6, and interest for this event was very high. Because of the huge interest the event was moved to an auditorium at South Louisiana Community College, but the college's lack of budget kept it from increasing security to handle the expected large crowd and demonstrators. As a result the college announced that it could not hold the event.

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