Man Claims Jesus Told Him To Cause Fatal Crash To Save Infant Son

On January 9, 2021, A Kentucky man with his infant son in his lap caused a fatal head-on collision while allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

The citation was filed by a Kentucky State Police trooper investigating the wreck, officer Jason Warinner.  The officer said the 30-year-old driver, Jesse Brown, reported that he heard Jesus tell him to steer into oncoming traffic if he wanted to save his infant son, Dalton.

“Brown stated that Dalton had died and Jesus told him that if he would hit the oncoming car, Dalton would be brought back to life and things would be better,” officer Warinner noted.

But according to police, the baby had not died.
The preliminary investigation notes that Brown was holding his 7-month-old son while driving west on KY 90.  Then his 1999 Chevrolet truck crossed over into oncoming traffic causing a head-on collision. According to Kentucky State Police, he struck a 2012 Ford Focus driven by 61-year-old Debra Brown of Albany.

On that Saturday morning in Clinton County, Debra Brown was pronounced dead at the scene of the wreck.

There were reports that Jesse Brown was driving at a high rate of speed before the crash, while running oncoming traffic off the road, documented by officer Warinner.


Police: Kentucky dad claims Jesus said to cause fatal wreck to save baby from r/Kentucky


According to the citation, Brown later told police that he was out riding around with his son when he heard the message from Jesus about saving the boy.

Brown stated that he deliberately steered into the opposing traffic lane and hit Debra Brown’s car while going about 90 mph.

The citation also notes that another motorist quickly took Jesse Brown and his baby to the hospital. Officer Warinner found Brown at the hospital and returned him to the scene of the tragedy to question him.

State police issued a release on Monday advising that the baby was reported to be in stable condition after he was transferred to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital.

The recipient of Jesus' message, driver Jesse Brown, was unharmed in the crash.

Brown was charged with murder, speeding, first-degree driving under the influence, reckless driving, wanton endangerment, and leaving the scene of an accident.

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