Man Vindicated in ‘Mark of the Beast’ Case

Mark of the Beast

The jury in Clarksburg, West Virginia, awarded Beverly Butcher $150,000 in compensatory damages this week in a hearing, saying he was forced to retire for his religious beliefs.

Butcher claimed his company's time-keeping scanners were the “Mark of the Beast”.

According to the Associated Press, Butcher worked at Consol Energy in West Virginia until he complained Consul's biometric scans for time and attendance violated his Christian beliefs.

The Exponent Telegram reports Butcher wrote to his employers, asking them not to scan his left hand.

A letter in the lawsuit "discussed the vendor's interpretation of Chapter 13, Verse 16 of the Book of Revelation contained in the Bible; pointed out that the text of that verse references the Mark of the Beast only on the right hand and forehead; and suggests that persons with concerns about taking the Mark of the Beast 'be enrolled' (meaning, use the hand scanner) with their left hand and palm facing up. The letter concludes by assuring the reader that the vendor's scanner product does not, in fact, assign the Mark of the Beast," according to The Exponent Telegram.

When the company refused to compromise with Butcher, he was forced into early retirement. The jury found that Butcher had already filed his claim before being forced to retire early after 35 years of employment.

The $150,000 is for salary, pension and court costs.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

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