Mentally Ill Man Kills His Uncle After Mistaking Himself for Jesus

Lady Justice London

A mentally ill Muslim man killed his uncle earlier this year after a television program led him to believe he was Jesus. Twenty-eight-year-old Ahmed Hussein, whose mental health had been deteriorating since 2011, attacked 79-year-old Ibrahim Abdi Haji, saying he felt obligated to rid the world of evil, as he had been reborn to do just that. Apparently, Hussein shouted out, “I am God, you are the Devil” before killing Haji at his mother’s home in West London.

Upon noticing some disturbing changes in his behavior, Hussein’s mother had taken him to a general physician in 2011 but that time, no conclusive diagnosis was made after Hussein refused to talk about his problems with the doctor.

Prosecutor Sarah Plaschkes said, “In the weeks leading up to the killing, his behaviour deteriorated. He would shout and rant ‘I’m God, I want to clean up all people.’”

Reportedly, Hussein’s mother heard him speaking with himself in May this year. He kept insisting he was an angel and would have to kill the devil. On the night of the murder, she called Haji while supervising her grandchildren and that is when she overheard her son threaten his uncle. By the time she reached her home however, Haji was already dead and Hussein stood in the same room, his clothes soaked in Haji’s blood. The post-mortem report said Haji had choked on his own blood after suffering blunt force injuries on the face, head and back.

When the police arrested Hussein, he identified himself as Jesus, saying “I am God. I speak the language of Archangels. I’m Jesus the Messiah, please don’t kill me.” He also said, “I want my mum.”

Three psychiatrists diagnosed Hussein with paranoid schizophrenia. One of his doctors, Philip Joseph, said his condition was degenerating continuously and certain television programs that he used to watch played a significant role in causing him to act the way he did.

“His judgement was rationally impaired due to his delusion that he was Jesus and the victim was the devil,” said Joseph.

Hussein pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges earlier this month on grounds of reduced responsibility. Judge John Bevan sentenced Hussein to indefinite detention under 37 and 41 of the Mental Health Act.

“Haji was quite clearly a kind, quiet, harmless man who avoided confrontation with you when you were ill and whose life was ended brutally in a situation of extreme violence and for no rational reason in his own bedroom. You are clearly dangerous and those caring for you should be conscious of that in considering your long term future,” said Bevan.

Photo Credits: Daily Mirror

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