Miami Imam Openly Plans for "Peaceful" Islamic Takeover of America

An imam from Miami claimed in an online sermon that Zionism is the cause of many of the world’s problems, adding they will do to the Chinese, Germans, Christians, and Americans what they have been doing to the Palestinians in Gaza and create scenarios to come and kill Muslims. 

During a Friday sermon on January 26th at the Masjid As Sunna An Nabawiyyah North Miami, which was also live-streamed on Facebook, Dr. Fadi Kablawi described Zionists as enemies of human beings and claimed that they would do to others what they have been doing to Palestinians in Gaza if they need to.

"This is who they are, sociopaths. They will do that to any other person if they just reach a point that they are convinced that it is for their interests.” Dr. Kablawi said in his sermon. “They will do it to the Christians, they will do it to the Chinese, they will do it to the Americans, they will do it to the Germans... By Allah, they will do it to anybody. With Muslims, they have extra reasons to do it. They will do it to everybody.

The imam also discussed a sign in Golden Glades in Florida, which said that Hamas is also the US’s problem and that Hamas will go to Europe and America next after finishing Israel. Dr. Kablawi downplayed the sign and instead argued that Zionism is the world’s problem.

"So that sign here on the Golden Glades, when you leave... that Hamas is not only your problem or something... It's your problem, too... Hamas is your problem, too. Did you see the language? Hamas is going to finish Israel, and they are going to start going to Europe and America. It is going to take a long time, digging a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean, dude,” the imam said. 

"But anyway, the idea is scare tactics, 'it is your problem too.' You know who is your problem too? Zionism is the problem of the world. Take it from me. Go back and read their history, learn their history. Who did assassinations all over the world? Who blew up buildings all over the world? Who blew up American ships? Who did? Hamas or the Mossad? Who blew up [the World Trade Center] on 9/11? Oh…” Dr. Kablawi said, referring to the 9/11 attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda in 2001.

Dr. Kablawi, who is also a licensed dentist, insisted that Muslims had nothing to do with these incidents and that Zionists would have to make situations like this to come and kill them.

"By Allah, oh brothers, we had nothing to do with it, and they will see it. They have to create scenarios like this so they can come and kill us. Most Americans are naive and have no clue. All they are worried about is the Super Bowl. We need to change that, we need to propagate that and change it with people around us,” he said.

The imam also tried to reassure Americans that they would not hurt or kill anybody but openly stated that Muslims would make da’wa to the people or invite them to convert to Islam and implement Sharia law once it becomes a Muslim-majority country. 

When asked to go to Gaza for dental work, Dr. Kablawi added that there are already enough dentists in Gaza and that he came to the United States to convert Americans.

"Open your mind, we are not here to kill anybody. We are not here to hurt anybody, we don't want to take over your country. If we can, we will take it, but with means that the law allows us. Here, we are going to make da'wa to the people... Like the guy who emailed me, some guy, Brad Jennings... [He wrote:] 'Do you want to shari'a laws in America?' I said if America becomes a majority Muslim [country], then inshallah, we will choose to implement shari'a,” the imam said.

Then he says: 'Go to Gaza, they need dental work.' I said that there are enough dentists in Gaza, but I am here so I can convert Americans." Dr. Kablawi added.

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