Mission: America Founder Speaks Mind at Convention

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The founder of Mission: America, Linda Harvey, provided a speech to the Bringing America Back to Life Convention on the LGBTQ+ community and the pro-life movement.

She considers the LGBTQ+ community and the pro-abortion movement as potentially a “meltdown” in sexual and human identities as part of the judgment of God against Americans for the abortion of “children” or foetuses, blastocysts, and the like.

She claimed that with homosexual or same-sex intimate relations that “there is no life and there is often disease,” adding, “It’s the recipe for personal, societal, cultural, and spiritual disaster. Death is the central driving force for the abortion movement — the death of a person. Death and the absence of new life are also the connection among the LGBT movement.”

Harvey believes, based on the statements, that LGBTQ+ community exists only in negation or opposition, in the rejection of “heterosexual norms – husbands and wives who create babies,” of the heterosexual couplings found in marriage solely devoted to the sexual intimacy for procreative purposes (if interpreted right).

“These are the same people who go on and on about the horrors of some gay people having multiple partners… even though they get equally angry at the thought of a monogamous same-sex couple that wants to get married. They claim babies are central to relationships,” Hement Mehta, everyone’s favourite Friendly Atheist, wrote, “but infertile couples and straight people who just don’t want kids are given a pass. And they assume all forms of gay sex are disgusting… which ought to be irrelevant since the only people who need to be satisfied in a sexual encounter are the participants.”

He concluded that the claim by communities such as Harvey’s is a love of gay people but grounded in acts of abuse and discrimination of those LGBTQ+ American citizens.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

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