Model Amber Rose Reveals Her Ideal Man is an Atheist

Amber Rose posted on Instagram listing the qualities she would like in a man, and it sparked a debate on social media about atheists and dating.

The American model is famous for her past relationships with celebrities such as Ye, Wiz Khalifa, and Machine Gun Kelly. She is also widely known for her outspoken feminism and for organizing a transnational movement called SlutWalk, which aims to combat rape culture and end victim blaming and slut shaming against women.

In her Instagram post, Amber Rose lamented why it was difficult for her to find a man who is sexy, intelligent, wealthy, successful, and tatted and also not an abusive narcissist.

The first part of the post seemed relatable, but the second part raised most people's eyebrows.

"And he's definitely an atheist but also a feminist….. I'm not asking for much," her post continued.

The Instagram post caused a massive stir on social media, with some netizens even saying that her lack of faith is causing her relationship problems. However, some tried to empathize with her situation. But overall, most netizens were disappointed with the message of her post.

In other social media, such as Reddit, many atheists in the r/atheism subreddit questioned the Christians who attacked the television personality for speaking about her dating preferences through a post. The same Reddit post also added that a Christian would find a "person of God" because they have the same beliefs, so why would an atheist be any different?

Nevertheless, Amber Rose doubled down on her statement by saying, "I said what I said."

This isn't the first time Amber Rose was embroiled in controversy over atheism. TMZ and Hot New Hip Hop reported that Amber Rose doesn't believe in God and even commented that Jesus dying on the cross for humanity's sins is "manipulative." Amber also added that she believes more in science, and Buddhism appeals to her more because it is more like a philosophy than a religion.

Atheists have always been an outlier in the dating world. Pew Research noted that most Christians would be unhappy if one of their relatives married an atheist. However, the same research found that for non-religious people, dating a religious person wouldn't be a dealbreaker.

Furthermore, a new study from the Journal for Personal and Social Relationships discovered that atheists were less desirable than theists, with atheists only being desirable for short-term relationships and theists being desirable overall in both short and long-term relationships.

Reactions to Amber Rose's Instagram and past research on the relationship between atheism and dating prove what most atheists already know and that negative stereotypes continue to hound them regarding dating and relationships.

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