Mormon Church in Kenya Says It Does Not Worship the Devil

LDS Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, dismissed last month claims that its congregants worship the devil. Addressing the media at a hotel in Nairobi on March 17, the organization’s public affairs missionary Michael Ford, alongside his wife Charleen, admitted that there have been several misconceptions about the Mormon Church but dismissed most of them.

After the Eldoret branch of the Mormon Church set up a multi-million-shilling complex near Alphax College, claiming that it would be used for devil worshipping purposes, Dominic Kogo, president of the branch, said Mormons do not condone immoral or illegal activities.

Ford said that his wife and he have been in Kenya for the past eight months to monitor the setting up of new dioceses and the Mormon Church in Nairobi would be split into two dioceses.

“On Sunday, we will have two apostles from South Africa witnessing the creation of the diocese. The Church in Nairobi will be split into two along Mombasa road from Athi River to the end of Waiyaki Way, Westlands,” Ford said.

He also clarified that the Mormon Church teaches the truth, which had been preached by Jesus Christ among his followers.

“We believe in Jesus Christ. We teach the truth and if people see the truth, they are free to join us,” he said.

Ford confirmed that the organization has more than 85,000 missionaries and over 15 million members, which qualifies the Mormon Church as the fourth largest Christian sect in the United States.

The first Kenyans to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were the family members of Ebisiba and Elizaphan Osaka in 1979. They immediately started serving as Mormon missionaries in the country thereafter.

Photo Credits: LDS Church Temples

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