Muslim Judge Takes Oath On The Koran in Brooklyn, New York

Muslim Judge Takes Oath

Racists have been threatening a Muslim judge who was sworn into office over a Koran. After being elected as a civil court judge in Brooklyn’s Seventh Municipal District, Carolyn Walker-Diallo took her oath of office using Islam’s holy book. While the United States Constitution requires elected officials to swear an oath, they are allowed to do so using any religious text, or none at all, if they so choose.

Muslim Judge

According to video footage from her swearing-in ceremony, Walker-Diallo –the first Muslim to become a judge in New York– was seen placing her left hand on a copy of the Koran as she promised to uphold the constitution of the country as well as the state. The clip, recorded at Brooklyn Borough Hall, was shared on social media where it triggered a fierce backlash. According to local media, the comments caused serious concern over Walker-Diallo’s safety.

The clip shared last month has since attracted close to 1,000,000 views and over 2,500 comments. Vicious comments included adjectives such as ‘disgusting’ and ‘sickening’.

One person wrote, “Another piece of s*** Muslim trying to take over the country.”

Some commenters suggested that a Muslim judge was only capable of imposing Shariah law in the country, while others indulged in posting racist memes on various social media platforms.

Judge taking oath

Ray Ivy wrote, “That is so sick, she should be arrested for that,” while another person added, “This is a sad day for America!”

The backlash comes on the wake of an increase in Islamophobia following the recent terror attacks that took place in Paris and San Bernardino successively.

Sadyia Khalique of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' New York Chapter told the media, “It's really horrific what's happening. This is a proud moment for her, and to have this much criticism is just really sad.”

Muslim Oath Taking

On her campaign website, Walker-Diallo posted a message thanking her supporters for electing her to represent her home district.

“All is [sic] praise is indeed due to the Most High!” she wrote of her religious beliefs.

Photo Credits: Snopes

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