Muslim Teen Killed in Violent Assault by Hindu-Extremists

An 18-year-old man died in Karnataka, India, after members of Hindutva brutally assaulted him.

The death of a Muslim teenager, identified as B. Masood, happened on July 21, two days after the assault transpired in the southwestern region of India. Reportedly, the incident stemmed from an argument Masood had about purchasing a three-month-old calf.

At least eight men, who were found to be members of the Vishawa Hindu Parishad-Bajrang Dal, were behind this incident. All of them have been arrested.

Authorities identified these suspects as Sudhir, Sunil Kelanje, Abhilash Bellare, Jim Ranjith, Shivaprasad, Bhaskar, Ranjith, and Sadashiva. Abhilash Bellare is recognized as the group's Akhada Pramukh (in charge of physical training).

Masood, a painter by profession, only stayed in Karnataka for a month as he was from Kerala. He left Kerala and stayed at his grandmother’s house in Kelanje village for a vacation.

According to Masood’s friend, Shanif, the victim bought a three-month-old calf days prior to the incident. Upon knowing this, police immediately went to the victim's house and inquired whether Masud had intentions of slaughtering it.

Shanif said that Masud wanted just to rear the cow and not slaughter it,

Shanif also said that Masood’s neighbor, Sudhir, a Hindutva follower and one of the arrested suspects, had been giving him unfriendly stares and even attempted to intimidate him by going after him in his daily errands, particularly when taking the calf out for grazing.

On July 19, Sudhir and Masood had an altercation, which resulted in physical assault. Later on, Sudhir reportedly lured Masood to go to a secluded spot in the village where Sudhir, together with seven others, attacked him.

After the incident, Masood was taken to a hospital for further treatment but did not survive his injuries.

In recent years, violence against Muslim people in India has increased alarmingly. Discrimination in employment, education, and housing are also top concerns.

India has the world’s third highest Muslim population, following Indonesia and Pakistan.

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