Muslim YouTubers Accused of 'Deliberate Incitement' for Confronting Jews

In May 2021, YouTubers Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah, who have a combined subscriber count of a million, shared videos of themselves confronting Jewish people during the Jewish sabbath in Golders Green about Israel and Palestine. The videos show them asking Jewish people to condemn Israel's actions. Since then, both have been accused of "direct and deliberate act of incitement" for their actions.



Hijab's video, titled 'Pro-Israeli Makes Chilling Comments,' shows him next to a van with messages relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as statements invoking the Holocaust.

Dawah's video, titled 'Muslims confront radical Israelis – police called,' shows him following visibly Jewish people, including those with children, and asking them if they condemn Israel's actions.

The video shootings take place on May 22, days after a Jewish driver was assaulted in Golders Green. The alleged attacker was arrested and later released under investigation.

Since the violence erupted in Israel and Gaza, anti-semitic attacks have risen in the UK. According to the Community Security Trust, there have been 267 reported anti-semitic attacks in the 17 days prior to the incident. A spokesperson said the filming was "reported to us in real-time on Shabbat, and we responded to it as part of our security operation that day."

"We see it as a direct and deliberate act of incitement that was inevitably going to alarm the community and stir up tensions. It's the equivalent of Britain First going to Newham or Tower Hamlets and confronting Muslims on the streets there."

The police stated, "Officers were called at approximately 7:28 pm and engaged with those present. No offenses were identified."

"We have since been made aware of concerns that have been brought to our attention from the community and will liaise with the appropriate partners. Local officers had already increased patrols in the area in response to recent community concerns and will continue to provide additional reassurance in coming days."

On being asked why he chose Golders Green, Mohammed Hijab replied saying, "We did not intend to go to Golders Green to speak to only Orthodox Jews, but pro-Israeli (in particular pro-Likud) Zionists."

He stressed that Jews are "under no obligation to answer for the actions of Israel" and went on to say "generalizations to any community including the Jewish community is unacceptable."

On questions about the Holocaust messages on his van, he said it "was intended to demonstrate that just as the rest of the world watched on whilst Jewish people were brutally incinerated at the hands of fascists, so too it looks on whilst Arab Palestinians are brutally bombed in the most densely populated area in the world (Gaza) which has been blockaded from all sides."

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