Muslims Lead "Million Person March" Against "LGBT Ideology" in Schools

Muslims in Canada are planning to organize a “Million Person March” in the capital city, Ottawa, to protest what they see as "LGBT Ideology" being pushed in Canadian schools.

The protest is organized by Kamel El-Cheikh, a Muslim activist and businessman. He aims to bring Canadians of all religions on September 20 to condemn what he perceives as gender ideology being indoctrinated in Canadian children.

I am optimistic – absolutely. You know, if [there’s] one thing that’s going to inspire Canadians from coast to coast to go down and protest it’s the kids and their innocence and its families,” El-Cheikh said.

El-Cheikh argued that schools target Muslim students with this ideology, mentioning a pamphlet asking the question: “Can I still be Muslim if I am queer?” and claiming that Islam and homosexuality are not in conflict, something he considers blasphemous.

He also criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for allegedly pressuring Muslim communities in the country to accept what he considers radical LGBTQIA+ ideology, saying that such belief is a “fatwa” or a sin to the Muslim faith.

The kids called them out on it, and they told them, ‘Excuse me, sir, you’re a liar.’ These are 14- year-old kids, and they walked out of class anyway,” El-Cheikh said, referring to how some children responded to content being presented to them in the classroom.

The upcoming “Million Person March” is not the first time El-Cheikh, whose account was suspended on X (previously known as Twitter) on July 28th for violating the platform’s “hateful conduct rule,” participated in rallies against “gender ideology” and sex education in Canadian schools.

Last June 13th, El-Cheikh led a protest uniting Muslim and Christian groups to denounce “LGBT ideology” in Canadian schools, aiming to protect the children's innocence and uphold “family values.”

You know Canada’s built of Christians and Muslims and all denominations, why not celebrate that?” El-Cheikh said. “We can coexist, and I think that’s what absolutely these protests are illustrating is that Christians and Muslims and most Jews and, of course, a lot of common sense Canadians have a lot in common. That’s it’s not what Justin Trudeau is preaching.

There has been a recent pushback against the LGBTQIA+ community in Canada, with Campaign Life Coalition, a conservative Canadian lobbyist organization, organizing a nationwide initiative where thousands of students stayed home to protest what they see as the promotion of “Pride Month” in Canadian schools.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed the protests, saying they were fuelled by the weaponization of online material and the spread of American far-right ideologies in Canada.

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